Our Story – A Recap

Two years ago, we announced our intention to start a village – a regenerative / protopian / civium / game B / smart village… we’re still working on the name for it.

A year ago, we released stage 1 of our SEED NFT, which was a way to raise funds for the project and give our early supporters a way to contribute and gain some rewards for helping us make this project happen. We had about two weeks to prep the NFTs, and we launched with some simple animated badges, a drone shot of the village land, and a promise that one day the NFTs would become something cool and useful.

In June 2021 we raised just enough money from family, friends, and listeners of the Future Thinkers podcast to purchase a 400 acre campsite and golf resort in Interior British Columbia, Canada… the place that would become a canvas for our village vision.

During our first year on the land, we learned countless lessons about land management: dealing with wild animals, driving and repairing heavy machinery, repairing sewers and water lines, installing satellite internet, planning permaculture gardens, and building infrastructure to host a larger number of people in the future. We are actually getting to see a lot of the lessons we’ve learned from our own podcast being applied practically.

In the first two months after acquiring the land, we had over 3000 visitors come in, and we quickly realized that the interest in the land and the project was far bigger than we originally thought it would be.

With everything going on in the world, interest in regenerative living, ReFi, and solarpunk has accelerated. We now see an increasing demand for this project to become a physical AND digital hub for people to learn, gain unique experiences, meet others, collaborate and build useful projects in their own communities. The only way regenerative living can truly scale is in a decentralized way – if more people start their own projects and then we all help each other.

Enter The PortalDAO

For years we have talked about the need for a mycelial network of regenerative villages and people around the world working with similar goals in different fields.

And that’s where we want to introduce PortalDAO.io – the connective tissue between this global network of village builders, artists, and web 3.0 pioneers.

The DAO will be used to manage the lab aspect of the village, and will be accessible through an NFT collection called Archetypes.

The PortalDAO project is an evolution of the SEED token. We will be giving all the SEED token holders a new NFT with all the same utilities we promised, plus a few extras. Thank you for your support!

We see Portal DAO as a gathering place for creators to build and experience worlds. A mycelial web of mythmakers. A metamodern dojo. A lab for worthy experiments. A bootloader for Game B. A rabbit hole to tumble down.



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