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    Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland of Future Thinkers. Photo by People of Plovdiv.

    Select media features

    • Future Thinkers featured on BBC Future list of best podcasts to make you smarter.
    • Future Thinkers featured on a Forbes list of must-listen tech podcasts.
    • Euvie Ivanova featured on a list of the world’s top female futurists.
    • Future Thinkers video featured in Futurism.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on Rebel Wisdom.
    • Euvie Ivanova interviewed on the Jim Rutt Show.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on the Jim Rutt Show.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on The Stoa.
    • Euvie Ivanova interviewed on Tyson Yuknaporta‘s podcast.
    • Future Thinkers video featured in Coin Telegraph.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on the Emerge Podcast on what is sovereignty is, how to amplify it, and what it means for the future of the human experiment
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on Singularity University‘s podcast The Feedback Loop about humanity’s relationship with technology, and why we need to focus on upgrading humans with sovereignty and shadow work
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on Zion 2.0 podcast on digital nomading and entrepreneurship as a married couple, deep personal sovereignty and transformation, and where the world seems to be going
    • Euvie interviewed on Both/And podcast on what it really means to be an adult, our relationship with technology, coddled millennials and anti-fragility, and meditating on “the void”
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on Disruptors.fm on the nature of consciousness and the future of humanity
    • Mike and Euvie were panelists at Voice of Blockchain conference in Chicago in August 2018.
    • Mike and Euvie were panelists at Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway in May 2018.
    • Euvie Ivanova was a panelist at Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore in February 2018
    • Mike and Euvie were speakers at the Zeitgeist Movement conference in Australia in March 2017.
    • Euvie Ivanova interviewed on It’s a Monkey Podcast about digital nomads, future technology, and research on happiness.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on Robot Overlordz podcast about the future of work and digital nomads.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on Bulgarian TV about digital nomads & foreign entrepreneurs in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on Intuitive Leadership Podcast about the future of entrepreneurship.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed by Capital.bg in an article about tech startups and digital nomads in Bulgaria (article in Bulgarian)
    • Euvie Ivanova interviewed by Surf Office about digital nomads, meditation, and visiting Lisbon.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed by BizLabs about digital nomads and startups.
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed by Authority Factory podcast about entrepreneurship and video marketing
    • Mike and Euvie interviewed on Buck Inspire podcast about entrepreneurship: Part 1 and Part 2

    Euvie and Mike giving an interview for Bulgarian TV


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