After several months of difficulty in finding affordable properties with the right kind of zoning and amenities, we began to expand our search outside of the Kootenays… and we’re so glad we did! We found a new 400 acre property with the right zoning, ammenities, and everything else we could need to make the smart village happen. We’re super excited to re-open the investment opportunity and get this property locked down.

All the details about the new property and the investment deal can be found here.

We’re only looking for an additional $650k to complete stage 1 of fundraising and buy the property, and we have to complete it before the end of April. The deadline is fast approaching, so help us make this a reality!┬áIf you’d like to become an investor or you know someone who would, please forward them this slideshow, and get in touch with us through the investment form at

Looking forward to seeing you in the village!


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