We are offering some work-stay exchange opportunities for those who want to visit us at the village and help us build. There is lots to do!

We are happy to welcome any skilled tradepeople, hobbyist builders, and general labourers who want to camp & golf while they help us with the day to day chores on the land and some building projects.

The village project is still in its infancy, so our amenities are currently basic – an RV park, campsite, and golf course. More info is availabe below in the FAQ section.

Village Work-Stay Exchanges

Dates: May – October 2023

Bring your own RV / Tent (using one of our bunk cabins is possible too – inquire ahead of time)

Stay & golf while you help us with your labour (day to day chores, building, carpentry, plumbing, infrastructure installations, gardening, general labour etc).

You are responsible for your own flights, transportation to the village, insurance, and food.

Please bring all appropriate clothing, shoes & tools.

Possible Projects:

  • Installing a bathroom
  • Framing – interior of a house
  • Building / assembling new glamping domes
  • Building a new tiny cabin
  • Renovating existing tiny cabins
  • General labour & maintenance

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What is expected from me as a participant?

You are expected to:

  • Confirm with us ahead of time when you want to come, and what kind of projects you would like to help us with. All potential candidates will need to complete a video interview before being accepted into the program.
  • Take maximum responsibility for your own experience and learning
  • Be proactive and helpful
  • Adjust to the host’s schedule and be on time
  • Do the work that you are asked you to do, and try not to create additional work for the hosts
  • Supervise your own work whenever possible, and be professional
  • If your plans change or you have to leave early, let us know right away

What should I expect from the hosts?

  • Basic campsite accommodations (RV spot, tenting spot, bunk cabin if available)
  • Basic amenities (shared facilities – bathrooms, showers, power outlet, water tap, WIFI near the office). Please bring your own RV or a portable camping stove, as our cooking facilities are limited.
  • Clear communication. We will communicate with you about what we need help with, or if there is any issue. If you don’t understand something, please ask.

What sort of work will I be required to do?

There is lots to do!

If you are a skilled tradesperson or hobbyist builder, we will appreciate your help with building, carpentry, infrastructure installation, etc. If you are coming as a general labourer, you may be asked to do gardening, chopping wood, weeding, cleaning, organizing, moving things, etc. Most of the work is physical and takes place outside.

You will get a chance to learn about village life, gain hands-on skills, and meet interesting people while doing it!

What do I need to bring?

  • A good rule of thumb is to bring what you would normally bring to an extended camping trip.
  • Your RV, Tent, or Vehicle to sleep in (unless you are requesting to stay in a bunk cabin)
  • Bedding (sleeping bag, pillow, foamie or air mattress)
  • Food for the duration of your stay
  • Appropriate clothing (jeans, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jacket). Nights are chilly, and it can get below 0 degrees C at night in May and October. Summer days can get very hot – sometimes over 40 degrees in July and August. Bring lots of layers!
  • Appropriate shoes (work boots / hiking boots / rubber boots). Keep in mind that it often gets muddy.
  • Bug spray.

What is there to do in my off time?

You will be able to enjoy the nature, play some golf, observe wildlife, hike, swim in the lake (July-August), hang out and tell stories by the campfire, and watch the milky way at night. If you’re coming with your own vehicle, there are several big waterfalls nearby, as well as kayaking, boating, fishing and horseback riding within a short drive away. The closest town is 30 min away and has a couple of restaurants and a grocery store.

Can I bring my kid or dog?

Yes, kids and dogs are welcome as long as you or your partner are able to watch them the whole time you are here. Older kids are encouraged to participate in village work and learning.

How do I get there?

We are located 30 min from Clearwater BC Canada, inside the Wells Gray Provincial park.

Car & Rideshare

Because the distances between towns in Canada are very large, most locals get around by car or ride share. This is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way of getting to us. Keep in mind that it takes around 6 hours or more to get here from Vancouver by car, and that’s the fastest route.

We suggest that all tne participants coordinate with each other, and those who are driving can pick up those who need a ride.

BC Rideshare group – One way to find a rideshare

Bus & Train

There are a few other transport options, but they are often less convenient and more expensive.

Rome2Rio – gives you a generatl idea of travel options between two points.

eBus or RiderExpress – Daily buses. Vancouver-Kamloops. Then rideshare Kamloops-Clearwater.

ViaRail – Train. Vancouver-Clearwater. A 12 hour journey, arrives at 3AM.



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