FTP033: Blockchain – The Building Blocks for a New Society, with Vince Meens

FTP033: Blockchain - Building Blocks for a New Society with Vince Meens Interview on Future Thinkers Podcast with Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova
Vince Meens Interview about Blockchains as Building Blocks of Society on Future Thinkers Podcast with Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova

Vince Meens

Blockchain technology has been making its way into the mainstream over the last year. Far from its anarchist-leaning Bitcoin beginnings, it has been getting adopted by large banks and governments like Dubai. Because of its adoption by financial institution, blockchain has become almost analogous with financial technology (fintech) in the minds of many. Even outside of fintech, the blockchain is still a wallflower in the technology world.

But there are many other applications for the blockchain, both with and without financial transactions.

In this episode, we speak to Vince Meens, serial entrepreneur, technologist, and ex-CEO of Jetwise. Vince describes many unusual and innovative ideas about the blockchain to do with the sharing economy, identity and reputation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, decentralized large-scale projects for good.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast

  • Blockchain as a connective technology
  • Blockchain for supply chain transparency
  • Creating different social incentives with the blockchain
  • Doing things that are bigger than ourselves
  • Sharing economies & the internet of things
  • Identity & reputation on the blockchain
  • Interfacing with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other technologies
  • A different perspective on supply & demand
  • Technology of connection and community
  • Investing in new technologies

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  1. Warren 7 months ago

    What I found useful was the language and ideas conveyed were more ‘human’ and less ‘engineer’. It really helped to bridge that gap for people like myself who have a basic understanding of blockchain technology yet lack the required knowledge to see what that looks like in different, potential real world examples. Also, for me the penny really dropped when you guys talked about finding pre-existing blocks that have the required input out and using them to build with, as oppose to having to create everything from the ground up. It really was liberating to think that was possible and gave me so much more optimism to pursue new ideas this technology brings and inspires without worrying so much about the back end coding and building it will require. I can use existing blocks or put the request out there for something to be built, maybe with a bounty, and this can be created for myself but then also be used for future projects. That was huge for someone who thrives in the creation of an idea but can be deterred by my lack of coding ability regarding blockchain tech. Pumped with ideas and enthusiasm.

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