FTP042: Neurohacking with Daniel Schmachtenberger, Pt. 1

This is the second time we have Daniel Schmachtenberger on the podcast. We also did several other interviews with Daniel Shmachtenberger after this episode. 

Daniel Schmachtengerber is a scientist, complex systems designer, and evolutionary philosopher. He is the co-founder of Neurohacker Collective and founder of Emergence Project, a futurist think tank.

Last time we talked to Daniel about complex global systems and the phase shift humanity might be going into. This time, we talk to him about neurohacking.

What is Neurohacking?

Neurohacking is any kind of technology, tool or technique for improving our psychological or neurological functions. In the ancient times, this involved things like meditation, sweat lodges, and psychedelics. In the modern times, neurohacking draws from several fields like biological psychology, epigenetics, bio/neurofeedback, and psychopharmacology (like smart drugs). People can use these tools and techniques to increase mental performance, decrease anxiety, regulate sleep, and to produce meaningful states of consciousness.

Tools of Neurohacking

The tools of neurohacking can be biochemical; such as vitamins, supplements, herbs, drugs and nootropics. They can be technological, such as the EEG Neurofeedback, transcranial lasers, magnets and ultrasound. They can also simply be techniques like meditation and other physical or mental exercises.

However, before getting into serious neurohacking, it’s important to have a stable starting point. The fundamental factors of getting good sleep, eating healthy food, and getting enough exercise cannot be overlooked. This can be seen as the base layer of neurohacking.

On top of general optimizations done to the cognitive functions and the body, certain neurohacking techniques can also kickstart the process of neurogenesis, which is the formation of new neurons.

We discuss Daniel’s work with Neurohacker Collective in creating Qualia, a smart drug stack designed to upgrade human capacity by increasing mental performance, mood, and general wellbeing.

After trying Qualia ourselves, we decided to arrange a special deal for our listeners who also wanted to give it a try. When you get an ongoing subscription to Qualia at Neurohacker.com, just use the code FUTURE to get 10% off.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • [03:57] – Neurohacking, consciousness & non-duality
  • [14:12] – The gut biome’s affect on the brain
  • [20:47] – Listening to your body & the “Counsel of Invisible Advisors”
  • [25:09] – Why does the placebo work?
  • [30:07] – First step of neurohacking
  • [39:59] – How does Qualia work?
  • [46:45] – Mood regulation: SSRIs vs. Personalized Supplements
  • [52:20] – Why are we only developing single molecule synthetic drugs?
  • [55:13] – How different incentives can restructure healthcare, warfare & economics


“Supporting the system’s own regulatory processes doing what they do better, as opposed to trying to override them, is a key distinction in how we should approach the tech interface with the body.” – Daniel Schmachtenberger

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