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Have you ever had your whole worldview shaken?

Have you stumbled upon an article, or a video, a note, a comment, an image, that fundamentally changed the way you view yourself or the world? A single moment with such far-reaching ramifications it sounds impossible — until it happens.

Pulling your jaw up off the floor, you integrate what you learned, evolve, and hunger for the next meal. The next idea to level up your life. That kernel of wisdom that will overhaul your existence.

If you crave that insight like I think you do, you’re in luck.

There are some individuals, some outlets, that deliver these world-shaking, life-altering ideas week after week.

If you’re ready for it, these are 10 of the most mind-expanding, bias-shattering blogs on the internet today.

1 — Happiness Beyond Thought

A hidden gem in an ocean of information, Happiness Beyond Thought is the personal idea repository of Gary Weber.

The blog emerged through the urging of Zen and yoga teachers, as Gary’s insights and perspectives are too valuable to be kept just to one individual. Spending years on the inner path, working to transcend ego and duality, Gary will change your opinion of the self in just a few short sentences.

Like getting a download directly from the source itself, each article promises to take you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, hunting for the ever-elusive self. If you’re ready to challenge your most fundamental assumptions, why not start here or here.

mind expanding blogs future thinkers society consciousness technology

2 — Sam Harris

Sam Harris, everyone’s favorite philosopher turned neuroscientist, is most commonly known for his best-selling books, or his podcast, Waking Up. These are both stunning, and will profoundly change your life.

Perhaps less known are his blog posts, which play at the intersection of consciousness, morality, and neuroscience. Combining academic rigor with deep philosophical insight, Sam will have you questioning everything from the origin of thought to the concept of free will.

Never one to mince words, the direct approach you’ll find here will shatter any loosely-held principles that you hold dear. If you’re ready to rebuild your worldview, why not take a look at these pieces on consciousness or free will.

3 — High Existence

Do you just want to survive? Or do you want to thrive?

This is the driving question behind High Existence, an online publication who amassed a following simply by helping people follow their bliss and live a beautiful life. With far-reaching topics like psychedelics as tools for self-improvement, how to save humanity, and even a ‘spiritual obstacle course’ every article serves as a stepping stone along your journey of self-actualization.

There’s no known limit to human well-being, and the HighExistence team is putting that to the test, seeing just how incredible this human experience can get. If you want to level up your own life, why not work on yourself or avoid some common traps.

mind expanding blogs future thinkers society consciousness technology

4 — Wait But Why

The brainchild of Tim Urban, Wait But Why has become something of a cult classic on the internet, even attracting high profile readers like Elon Musk. With a witty, exhaustive approach to writing, Tim takes you from n00b to “damn, you know your shit” in a single post.

Never backing down from the challenge of tackling major topics, Wait But Why dives into exponential technology, managing relationships, and how to spend your time well — all with some seriously cute stick figure drawings to compliment it.

Go check it out for yourself — you can see your life in weeks or how to pick a career, and change your life overnight.

5 — Neurohacker Collective

With the stated mission of advancing human sovereignty, the Neurohacker Collective has set a seriously audacious goal. But if their blog is any indication, these guys have the smarts to tackle it.

It’s relieving when publications respect the intelligence of their readership. We’re ready to dive deep into the details and understand things at a deep, fundamental level — and the Neurohacker team is happy to oblige.

If you want to understand the role of different neurotransmitters or get a scientifically-validated morning routine, the Collective Insights blog is the place to start.

(Plus, you can get a wicked discount on their flagship product ‘Qualia‘ by using the code FUTURE)

mind expanding blogs future thinkers society consciousness technology

6 — Future Thinkers

Naturally! Focused on the evolution of technology, society, and consciousness, we’re going to zoom out and take a 30,000-foot view on the self and society. Like dropping a nuclear bomb on your self-limiting beliefs, we hope to get you to start thinking about how to design the future of your dreams.

From solving plastic pollution to the value of universal basic income systems, to becoming enlightened in your lifetime — our goal is to make the abstract truly tangible and give you the toolkit needed to change yourself and the world.

Everything comes back to the central idea that sovereign individuals have the philosophical frameworks and technical capacities to radically overhaul our inter-subjective realities and create Self and Society 2.0.

7 — Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers has to be included in any list of mind-expanding material. In his pithy prose, Derek distills decades of experience into valuable life wisdom, helping everyone to human just a bit better.

The original creator of the “hell yeah or no” decision-making framework, many modern self-development gurus owe their insights to this one man. Focused on creating an elegant existence, you’ll keep coming back to his words and pull deeper and deeper insights each time.

It really goes to show you that life, happiness, success, and existence can be simple. We try to complicate things too much and end up getting in our own way. If you want to go deeper, and get out of your own way, start here.

mind expanding blogs future thinkers society consciousness technology

8 — Futurism

This one is certainly straightforward. Futurism is a digital publication focused on the future. Always covering the bleeding edge of innovation, you find pieces on nanotechnology, deep space exploration, renewable energy systems, and augmented reality, just to name a few.

For anyone interested in the future, and anyone who’s ready to start building it — Futurism provides the background and the long-term perspective needed to usher in the future of humanity.

With a constant stream of new updates and impressive journalism, Futurism can easily become your daily dose of mind-bending matters. Try this or this to get a taste.

9 — Slate Star Codex

With a name like this, you already know you’re in for a treat. Another off-the-beaten-trail gem of the internet, Scott Alexander takes a whirlwind journey through science, medicine, philosophy, politics, and sprinkles it all with a futurist salt.

Unambiguously direct, with a witty tone and fresh perspectives, every take is like wiping your opinions clean and rebuilding them from the ground up. Like any good mental Lego pieces, each post builds on the foundational knowledge of the previous ones, and you build beautiful mental landscapes with his words.

Not one to skim over, welcome to the Slate Star Codex: start here or here.

10 — The Third Wave

The appropriate, safe, and intentional use of psychedelics can bring about an unprecedented level of human flourishing in society. It’s a seriously exciting concept.

Unfortunately, legal regulatory frameworks and dominant public opinion haven’t quite opened up to the idea yet. The Third Wave is going to change that. Bringing an intelligent, science-driven approach to psychedelics, and micro-dosing in particular, they hope to change the cultural conversations surrounding these mind-manifesting substances.

With expert guides on a number of compounds, you’ll be amazed by what you can learn here, and will likely have an opinion or two eradicated and overhauled.   

What Would You Include?

This is but a taste of the innumerable insights available to us today.

Are there any blogs or resources you think should have been included here?

Let us know what and why — so that we can continue to expand our minds, and build the future.


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