FTP039: Dr. Jordan Peterson on Archetypes, Psychedelics and Enlightenment, Pt. 2

In this second part of our Dr. Jordan Peterson interview, he talks about Jung’s archetypes and how they apply to everyday life and self development, the Jungian definition of enlightenment, and the value of psychedelics.

Jung’s Archetypes and Enlightenment

Carl Jung has been an influential thinker for Jordan Peterson. One of the key ideas coined by Jung is that of archetypes – characters and stories that are repeated throughout human history. Because these characters and stories are so deeply imbedded in our biology and our understanding of the world, it makes them “more real than real” in a way. This is why all of us can relate to them, and why these stories can be a useful tool for personal transformation. Jordan Peterson touches on some of these, like Harry Potter and the stories in the Bible.

You have to shake off your resentment of being in order to be oriented towards the good Click To Tweet

Dr. Jordan Peterson also explains the Jungian perspective on enlightenment. At the core of it there are two things: always telling the truth and being oriented towards the good – by aiming to decrease unnecessary suffering in the world. He talks about the importance of exploring the darkest corners of your own mind and external reality to fully understand it. And finally, shaking off your resentment of those things before you can become oriented towards the good.

The degree you're enlightened is proportionate to the depth of the darkest place you've visited Click To Tweet

Dr. Jordan Peterson on Psychedelics

Jordan Peterson talks about the history of psychedelics being used in initiation ceremonies, their value in modern society, and the recent research on their benefits.

The importance of set and setting make it into the conversation too. This relates to Jordan Peterson’s commonly used theme of “Sort Yourself Out”, which is meant to be applied to every area of your life.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • How you could have been a Nazi
  • What is enlightenment from Jung’s perspective?
  • Why archaic people had initiation ceremonies
  • Psychedelics & their value
  • Archetypes and how to use them in self development
  • Is there meaning to life?
  • What you can do to make your life better
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  1. Bucephalus 9 months ago

    Regarding angry feedback:

    Tell the truth as you see it. That’s all you need to do. If you think Peterson is right, don’t be discouraged. That is the aim here. It is not about making a counter point, otherwise the critics would actually look into Peterson’s reasoning.

    The aim is to make you into a donkey for their own aim, to stay in Peterson/Pinocchio lingo. It’s a bluff and it works because sensible people listen when somebody points out they are wrong or how somebody was victimized. They are using that specific societal function but not for what it is intended and that makes them dangerous and that is why we need to speak up.

    Keep on speaking up, it’s the worst you can do to people wanting to use you.

  2. Aaron 7 months ago

    I’m paraphrasing, but I really like your response to the feedback, “shutting out ideas is the absolute worst/slowest way to learn.” Thanks for your show and even if you lose some folks, I’m sure you’ve gained a whole lot more dedicated listeners.

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