FTP038: Dr. Jordan Peterson on Failed Utopias, Mapping the Mind, and Finding Meaning, Pt. 1

In this episode we talk to Dr. Jordan Peterson who is a clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. His thinking was informed by some of the most influential figures in the fields of psychology, philosophy and biology, from Nietzsche to Darwin to Jung.

Controversy Surrounding Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson has been receiving a lot of attention in the past year because of his strong opposition to gender neutral pronouns.

In this interview, he explains how people’s personalities predict their political belief, and what the driving factors behind all the recent social justice warrior and political correctness movements are.

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In his dissection of ideologies he examines and explains some of the pitfalls of post-modernism, environmentalism, and other failed utopias.

He then goes into explaining some of the basics of Jungian and Freudian psychology, after which he talks about the tools for reasoning that he equips his students with.

By the end of the episode Peterson goes deep into the mythological frameworks, which most of his lectures and studies are based around.

Listen to the 2nd half of this Jordan Peterson interview.

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In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • [06:43] – Personality predictors of political belief
  • [12:39] – The increasing fragmentation of sub groups
  • [21:26] – Examining failed utopias
  • [24:07] – Why is everyone so offended?
  • [32:46] – Can environmentalism be harmful?
  • [35:58] – We all have multiple personalities
  • [42:30] – Winning the meta game, not an argument
  • [52:28] – What do we do now that God has died
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“You can’t make the oppressed into a homogenous group, in part because everyone is oppressed to some degree by the demand for adherence to normative standards. Which are necessary – that’s the price you pay for social being .” – Dr. Jordan Peterson


“It’s the construction of the value hierarchy and the differentiation of things into less valuable and more valuable that gives your life meaning ” – Dr. Jordan Peterson 

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  1. James Lott 9 months ago

    I have listened to your podcast for years and have very much enjoyed it until now. This man is an idiot with decent vocabulary. I will never visit your website again. Trans people are not a sub-category of gay people. Are you kidding me right now? I’m so furious. Furious because I really thought you folks were “future thinkers”. Gendered pronouns serve NO PURPOSE.

    • Mike Gilliland 9 months ago

      Hey James,
      Sorry to hear that you’re giving up on our show because of this one episode. It is unfortunate that when we say something that you disagree with, you would choose to disregard everything we say forever, instead of continuing the conversation with us. Did you listen to the whole interview before you posted this comment?

      We’ve had many people on our show who challenge our thinking, including Jordan. That’s what the show is for. I personally have never grown as a person when I’ve sought out people to join my own echo chamber. Rather, I read about people and subjects I disagree with to build up a better case on both sides of the argument.

      To elaborate on our position on this topic: our argument is not to take away the gender pronouns, it is to stop people who would make it compulsory to use them by threat of prosecution. It is insanity to make the refusal of use of specific language illegal. This kind of thinking is disastrous and the perfect tool of totalitarian regimes. Euvie witnessed this first hand as the Soviet Union collapsed around her. People in her country were often “disappeared” for saying the wrong thing about the wrong person. How easy would these types of laws make it for a despot to solidify his power over a state by making certain types of speech illegal? Not a far stretch when the legal groundwork has already been laid by well-meaning, left wing, political correctness supporters.

      Jordan’s career has been threatened, not because he says things that people disagree with, but because he refuses to say things that people are attempting to compel him say. This is why we invited him on the podcast.

      I could spend a lot more time criticizing people like yourself who choose to so fervently pursue issues like transgender bathrooms or gender pronouns, over resource depletion, climate change, economic disparity, or the persecution of women and gays in the middle east. But the real issue I take with your comment is that rather than continue the conversation, you’ve chosen to turn your back on it.

      I’m completely open to the idea I could be dead wrong about EVERYTHING I believe about this subject, but it is nearly impossible to have a discussion with people from your side because they refuse to engage in rational debate.

      • Mike Gilliland 9 months ago

        btw, I don’t believe any of us said anything to the effect of trans people being a sub-category of gay people.

    • Ferrell 9 months ago

      Great interview. Was there supposed to be a second part to this?

  2. John 9 months ago

    When will part 2 be posted? I don’t see it on futurethinkers community

  3. Narmii 8 months ago

    Just listened to the podcast and I’m puzzled by this choice of guest. He makes some insightful social commentary with regards the state of affairs today but I found his ideas to be the antithesis of future thinking! As a society, we have overvalued masculine traits such as competition and aggression while continually undervaluing feminine traits.

    In a future society based on the enlightened values of mutual respect, harmony, love and individual liberty, more agreeableness is needed and not less. The readiness and ease with which people exploit agreeableness today is ultimately a symptom of an unnecessarily competitive and selfish capitalist system that has over privileged masculine traits (and I use this with the understanding that both the masculine and feminine are present in all beings and am not pointing the finger solely at men), and which has led to much of the injustice and destruction we see today. I’d like to think that in future societies, those who take advantage of other people’s agreeableness to advance their own self interests are not the heros but the villains.

  4. Andrew C 5 months ago

    Also something else I forgot to mention, that is, I don’t think the LGBT acronym is ever-expanding. I think it will stop at LGBTQIA.

    Most LGBT(QIA) are okay with just using LGBT.

  5. Andrew C 5 months ago

    Not sure if it just isn’t posting or if it is just too long, but in case my super-long comment doesn’t get posted…

    I will summarize: I would be weary of using the argument that SJWs don’t protest the status of women’s rights and gays in the Middle East even though they advocate for women’s and LGBT rights in the US because 1) it is false equivalency, 2) there are numerous organizations and individuals (many of which are SJWs) who actively speak out on these issues at conferences and international organizations, and actually do nonprofit work in this area and have been doing so for a very long period of time. It is actually quite common to work to alleviate women’s status internationally in the nonprofit sector.

    Please do not perpetuate this right-wing echo chamber comment that has no logical merit.

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